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Travel Itinerary - Trip Planner
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    Ready for takeoff? No matter where you’re off to, whether it’s a business trip, backpacking excursion or beach getaway, travel style is always important. These suggestions will ensure you’re traveling in style!   1. Wilfred Diamond Mosaic Blanket Scarf A blanket scarf is a travel essential; it can double as a blanket on the plane and as a wrap to either keep warm on chilly evenings or to cover up if you’re visiting a church or temple. This neutral luxe, lightweight scarf, made out of washed cotton, fits the bill perfectly. Aritzia, $75   2. Parker Satchel Some things are worth investing in and handbags are one of them. This creamy pebble leather satchel is the ideal travel companion. Featuring three separate and sizeable compartments (two with a top zip), this bag can comfortably accommodate an 11” Macbook Air as well as your iPad or tablet and e-reader, along with all your other in-flight essentials. Gigi New York, $550   3. Picnic Fedora A fedora is not only a stylish addition to your travel wardrobe but it’s a great way to protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays. With a chic profile that is perfectly modern, yet reminiscent of ...

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    Ask my husband and he’ll tell you that when we first met I was an over packer. I believe his highly hyperbolic recounting of the story includes the words “steam trunk.” Hardy har har. Fast forward nine years and I can say with total confidence that I’m a completely reformed packer. No more steam trunks for me. I travel—almost always—with a carry-on only and have learned how liberating it is to travel light. Now, there’s no other way for me. But packing a carry-on—and only a carry-on—comes with a bit of forethought and a dash of sacrifice. If packing isn’t your strength, here’s what I’ve learned about streamlining the process that helps shed pounds from my suitcase.   Pack Things That Can Do Double Duty Try to pack items that will serve more than one purpose. For instance, do you really need your tablet AND your e-reader? If your tablet can also act as your e-reader while you’re traveling, you’ve just alleviated a little room in your bag. A blanket scarf is one of those great multifunctional items to always have on hand: it’s perfect for staying warm on chilly airplanes but can also cover your shoulders if you’re visiting a ...

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    Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. But for many people, it’s also one of the most stressful. Here’s what I learned from planning my own wedding: it can be as stressful or as easy as you allow it to be. There are tons of details to figure out, lots of logistics, and of course, you want it to be beautiful. But accepting that things can—and probably will—go wrong and focusing instead on everything that marriage means, will help you to keep things in perspective. If you’re planning a destination wedding, things may be a little easier since you’re likely inviting fewer guests than if you’d had the wedding at home. But it can also be more difficult since you’re trying to manage an event remotely. Here are 10 tips to help make your destination wedding planning go smoothly:   Plan Early Definitely start your planning early to avoid any unwelcome surprises and to secure the best rates for travel and accommodations. Some experts recommend you start your wedding planning 9-15 months in advance, though all the necessary vendors can sometimes accommodate tighter timelines. Planning early will be less stressful for you and ...

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    Deciding to have a destination wedding is one thing. But once you and your spouse-to-be have made that big decision, quick on its heels is another: Where? There’s no shortage of beautiful destination wedding locations to choose from but this shortlist of picture perfect places are absolutely incredible contenders:   Where: Ritz-Carlton Bali Why to tie the knot here: The Majestic Chapel is a small glass lit chapel right at the edge of Sawangan Beach in Nusa Dua, Bali, on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Able to accommodate up to 100 guests, this far-flung but intimate wedding venue will turn any couple’s wedding dreams into a reality. In a lush tropical destination like Bali, guests are sure to enjoy outdoor adventures and water activities as well as all the amenities provided by the hotel; especially, the luxurious spa and L’Atelier Parfums & Creations where guests can create their own signature fragrances.   Where: The Langham Huntington, Pasadena Why to tie the knot here: In a word: elegance. Since first throwing open its doors over 100 years ago (it’s changed ownership over the years), the historic and charming Langham Huntington, Pasadena has long been a landmark property in Southern California. It’s ...

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    Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that it can come with its fair share of stress, no matter how many times you promise yourself that you’re going to keep things low-key. It’s just the nature of organizing a big event. Things can—and often do—go wrong and you’re sure to encounter at least one argument with your future spouse or mother-in-law along the way. So when it’s all over, the happy bride and groom deserve a getaway to relieve the stress and celebrate their union. Not sure where to go? Here are six spectacularly romantic honeymoon destinations to consider:   Banana Island What could possibly be more romantic than your own private island? Banana Island is in Doha, Qatar and is a one-of-a-kind experience you and your special someone will never forget. Situated about 20 minutes from Doha, the capital city of Qatar, this remote spot is only accessible by private boat or helicopter—talk about exclusive! There’s only one place to stay on this secluded lover’s paradise: The Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara. There are 141 rooms on property, including those over-water villas that you’ve always dreamed about. Plus, there’s a private beach and a lagoon pool as well ...

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    In case you haven’t tried it yet, the Apple Watch is so much more than a watch. It’s a beautifully and thoughtfully designed accessory that not only looks and feels great on your wrist, but keeps you connected to the things that matter to you in a discreet way. It provides a new way to seamlessly interact with your favorite apps and works in lock-step with your iPhone, keeping you up-to-date on emails, texts and phone calls. It’s a health monitor and a pedometer. It’s a GPS and a boarding pass. Did I mention that it’s so much more than a watch? As a frequent traveler, the Apple Watch has become my most reliable, do-it-all companion, one I never leave home without. Here are five ways the Apple Watch makes travel easier:   Access to Essential Travel Apps Download the apps of all the airlines you fly regularly and log in to your accounts on your iPhone. When you’re flying, check-in for your flight on your iPhone first. Add your boarding pass to your Passbook and you’re set. The Passbook app on your Apple Watch will then pull up your boarding pass so you can board your flight simply by ...

    The post 5 Ways Apple Watch Makes Travel Easier appeared first on TripIt Blog.

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    The more you travel, the more you know that even the best laid travel plans don’t always go, well, according to plan. There are far too many variables that are outside of your control. Between weather delays and flat out flight cancellations, airplane mechanical issues and air-traffic congestion, flights that are overbooked or cancelled because they’re too lightly booked, passengers are generally left at the mercy of the airlines. That means that getting to your destination on time can be completely out of your hands. So what do you do? If you’re stuck in an airport or overnight in an unfamiliar city, make sure you have options. These six apps and websites will help to ensure that when things go wrong, you have a back-up plan!   HotelTonight HotelTonight is an essential app for travelers, especially when your expected travel plans fall through. Through the HotelTonight app, users are able to book last-minute hotel stays at last-minute rates. This is perfect when you suddenly find yourself in need of a hotel room. Simply open up the app and take your pick from an extensive selection of hotels that have been carefully vetted to ensure you’ll love what you’re getting. The ...

    The post What To Do When Things Go Wrong While Traveling appeared first on TripIt Blog.

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    Traveling for business can be fun and exciting, especially in the beginning. But if you travel frequently, whether it’s short distances like LA to San Francisco or longer hauls, crossing the country or traveling internationally, frequent flying can get tiring and leave you feeling in less than optimal shape to face a day of meetings. Try these 10 tips on for size to help you look presentable after a flight and ready to hit the ground running:     Book Your Flight With Enough Time If you have a morning or early afternoon meeting, you might want to fly in the day of, but do you really want to miss your meeting because of a flight delay or cancellation? Factor this in and decide whether flying in the night before is more prudent. You won’t likely feel “meeting ready” if you’re making a frazzled dash from the airport to the office.   Book a Car Service Before you even head to the airport, book a car service like with Curb or GroundLink, to pick you up on arrival. That way, if you’re in a hurry, you don’t need to worry about a crazy long taxi line.   Eat Healthy Snacks All ...

    The post From Airport to Office: How to Look Presentable After a Flight appeared first on TripIt Blog.

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    If you’re a working mom who travels for business, you’re well aware of the challenges that come along with balancing home life and work life. If you’re a new mom who’s nursing and heading back to a job that involves business travel, the challenges are even greater. So, how do you manage? While breastfeeding may be one of the most natural things in the world, there are still lots of swirling opinions on the subject. If you’re about to travel for business and have to either nurse your baby or pump milk on the go, here are some tips to help you navigate this sometimes-tricky territory.   At the Airport Before you leave on your trip, you’ll want to do some research and find out what the rules are at the airports you’ll be traveling through. If you’ve pumped milk in advance, find out how much you can bring through security with you and what the rules are in terms of how you transport it. The TSA offers advice here about traveling with breast milk. You may want to print this out and keep it with you when you’re traveling. You’ll also want to find the same information for international ...

    The post Nursing Moms & Business Travel: A Complete Guide appeared first on TripIt Blog.

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    Being a mom might be the most rewarding job you’ve ever had but many women will say it’s the toughest, too. And since it doesn’t come with an actual salary (although experts say that for the work they do, moms would earn upwards of $100,000 in the workforce), chances are you have a paying job outside the home, which can make a busy life with kids even busier. And if your job requires you to travel, the challenges are even greater. It can be difficult for anyone who’s trying to balance business travel with family life, but moms face unique challenges. So, if you’re a working mom who travels frequently for business, take a deep breath–we’re here to help! With a bit of careful planning and a few helpful strategies in your back pocket, you can reduce the amount of stress you feel every time you pack your bags and head to the airport.   Communicate clearly with childcare providers If you’re heading out of town, the responsibility of your little one’s care is likely being handed over to family members, sitters and/or daycare workers. They say, ‘it takes a village’ so be sure you’re well acquainted with yours. Before ...

    The post A Mom’s Guide to Preparing for a Business Trip appeared first on TripIt Blog.

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    For working parents, juggling the demands of business and family life can be challenging. And if your job requires you to travel frequently, you may find yourself struggling to keep all the balls in the air. But what if you could combine the two? We checked in with three experts to get their thoughts.   Can business travel be family-friendly? Absolutely, says family blogger Anne Taylor Hartzell of Hip Travel Mama. “Of course, it depends on the business trip and the age of your children,” she says. “When kids are very young, they are very portable, however sleep schedules can take a toll on parents. Traveling with support can make all the difference.” She suggests bringing along a grandparent, friend or nanny to help out and provide built-in childcare for those business dinners and events that are not kid-friendly. “Utilize kids’ clubs and older siblings to babysit for short jaunts out for evening business events.” Jen Leo, co-founder of Kids N Trips agrees. “We’ve traveled as a family with my husband when he needed to be in different cities for work since our daughter was a baby,” she says. “It’s a great opportunity to have some fun out of the ...

    The post How to Make Business Travel Family-Friendly appeared first on TripIt Blog.

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    Travel can be stressful at the best of times. From planning and packing to airports and airplanes, there are a lot of steps involved in getting from Point A to Point B. And if you’re a working parents, well, the challenges can be unique. And if you’re traveling for business, whether it’s solo or whether the kids are tagging along, you know how critical smart packing is. How you pack can make or break your trip. Here are some packing tips to help simplify travel for you! Luggage If you’re traveling solo and leaving the little ones at home, try to pack carry-on luggage only. Not only will life be so much easier if you’re not weighed down with excess baggage, but your travels will be much more flexible as well. For example, let’s say you’re at the airport and realize you need to get home much quicker to see your children. With carry-on only luggage, it will be much easier to change your ticket and get on an earlier flight. If you’re traveling with kids who are old enough to carry their own small suitcase or backpack, choose something that’s compact enough to fit under the seat in front ...

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    If you’ve ever traveled with a baby or a toddler, you know it isn’t easy. Traveling with more than one? Oh boy. Kids have unique needs and as a parent, you have to be prepared for any number of surprises. And when you’re on an airplane, it’s even harder to manage those challenging situations … you’re in cramped quarters, you don’t want to disturb everyone on the plane and you might not have packed that one toy that all of a sudden your child is screaming for. (Keep reading for airplane essentials for kids that’ll help!) Breathe. Most people are understanding of the challenges parents traveling with kids face and if they’re not, well, there’s not much you can do about it but demonstrate that you’re doing your best to control the situation. I think the thing that irritates people most is when it looks like parents are turning a blind eye to a child’s disruptive behavior. But when you’re clearly doing your best, most people will sympathize and maybe even offer to lend a helping hand. If you are taking your children with you on a business trip, chances are, you’ve figured out your childcare needs at your destination, ...

    The post How to Keep Your Sanity on the Airplane When Traveling with Kids appeared first on TripIt Blog.

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    In the past, a ‘business trip’ may have conjured up mental images of men in suits flying first class to metropolitan cities, attending boardroom meetings and schmoozing clients with cocktails before catching a red-eye flight home. But today, business travel is all-encompassing, including more and more women and moms. As the nature of the workforce continues to evolve and we see the rise of entrepreneurs and freelancers, the very notion of what business travel looks like is changing as well. For some people, business travel is and sometimes has to be, a family affair, meaning that the kids go where Mom and Dad go. My husband, travel expert Johnny Jet, and I have now taken about 40 flights with our almost-two-year-old son, traveling sometimes for pleasure but mostly for business. From the day we became parents, we knew that we wanted to find a way to merge our work life with our family life so that we would spend as little time apart as possible. It hasn’t always been easy, bringing a baby along on business trips, but it has always been worth it, to be together. And with so many trips under our belts, we’ve picked up a few ...

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    In a nutshell, jet lag sucks. But what is it exactly and how do you prevent jet lag? Well, according to Medical News Today, “jet lag, also known as time zone change syndrome or desynchronosis, occurs when people travel rapidly across time zones or when their sleep is disrupted, for example, because of shift work. It is a physiological condition that results from a disruption in the body’s circadian rhythms, also known as the body clock. It is seen as a circadian rhythm disorder. Symptoms tend to be more severe when traveling eastward compared with westward.” Whether you’re a road warrior or preparing for a much-needed annual family vacation, jet lag can really break your trip, leaving you feeling exhausted, cranky and unable to function. If you’re traveling for business, the last thing you want is to get off a plane and rush to a meeting feeling disoriented from lack of sleep. And in some cases, jet lag can take days to fully recover from, leaving you feeling extremely tired, sluggish and irritable. As founding father Benjamin Franklin famously said, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ so your best bet is to try strategies that will ...

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    Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that traveling with kids has specific challenges that can feel totally overwhelming. Add in flight delays, diversions, and long layovers and suddenly, you might find yourself wishing you’d just stayed home. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, an airport that gets what parents need can make all the difference to your travel experience. We’ve rounded up five family-friendly airports in the United States that offer a variety of services and amenities that will help make your travels with kids a little bit easier: Philadelphia International Airport Philadelphia International Airport makes nursing easy and comfortable for breastfeeding mothers. They’ve got Mamava pods, Minute Suites and family restrooms located throughout the airport. But the best part about PHL is their year-long calendar of events, which brings local musicians and entertainers to stages throughout the airport. Their Holiday Entertainment program runs from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and travelers of all ages will love the entertainment provided daily by musicians, local high school choirs and dance groups. Just Plane Fun is the airport’s entertainment program, which features tons of activities for kids to enjoy, from video gaming to story time with local authors. Portland International Airport ...

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    Getting sick when you travel: It’s probably happened to all of us at one time or another. Whether they’re found in the less-than-sanitary conditions of an airplane or a hotel room, germs lurk everywhere and it takes vigilance to avoid getting sick when you travel. Airplanes and hotels are notorious breeding grounds for nasty germs. It’s no surprise when you think of the number of people who have sat in your airplane seat or who have checked into your hotel room before you. And unfortunately, plenty of studies have shown that even when they’ve been cleaned, airplanes and hotel rooms are still pretty gross. In fact, research conducted by TravelMath indicates that the average hotel room is dirtier than a typical home, an airplane and even a school. But don’t let your next trip be ruined by an unwelcome bug that leaves you feeling awful. These healthy habits will help you avoid getting sick so you can get on with the serious business of enjoying your travels. Wipe everything down with antibacterial wipes Pretty much everyone will agree that one thing every traveler should stash in their bag is antibacterial wipes. They can be used to quickly sanitize everything you ...

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    Sitting on an airplane for hours on end can be tough on even the most seasoned of travelers. Maybe you’re hungry or you’re just trying to get comfortable in your seat—and what seems like reasonable behavior to you is earning you side-eye from your seatmate. You can’t treat the airplane like your own personal living room, but what’s okay—and what’s not—when it comes to airplane etiquette? We checked in with travel pros to get their thoughts on those unspoken rules of travel. Middle seat gets the armrest: Yes or no? “The middle seat is the least desirable spot on the plane. The unspoken rule is that the passenger stuck there gets both armrests because there is no ability to lean onto the window or have direct aisle access. This does not mean that other passengers cannot share the armrest, but that the middle passenger deserves at least one benefit and that is the comfort of placing their arms there. Frequent travelers are in the know when it comes to this etiquette battle, but the occasional elbow tussle still occurs. Yield them this space the next time you find yourself in this situation.” – Ramsey Qubein Reclining: Do or don’t? “When ...

    The post A Beginner’s Guide to the Unspoken Rules of Travel appeared first on TripIt Blog.